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I'm a girl into a lot of things. I love reading, writing and drawing and hopes to one day to be a published writer.

I also am a big lover of just about anything animated and anything that is cute.

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Quinta da Aveleda, Portugal. From Alicornio and Karl Gercens.

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I love this outfit and her style! <3

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The Last Unicorn - Regret
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teacups by gathering spriggs on Flickr.

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I want #teacups 😫

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As ever, so much of my enjoyment comes from the little things.

I love that Ami fidgets like this.


I love the idea that for all the stillness of Ami, how she’s so thoughtful, and reserved, there’s this. I am in love with the idea that her hands are always fiddling with something. Flipping a pen right now. At home, perhaps a collection of stress balls. Later, when she has friends and is comfortable around them, playing with bits of their hair. But one of her hands, always relentlessly busy.

This is excellent in and of itself and I’m so completely on-board with the idea that this is a habit that will stay with Ami for the rest of her life. But what’s best is the idea that this began as an outlet for her. Unconscious, of course, but an expression of how restless she felt. The need to NOT be still and to NOT be hidden.

I can’t help but note that Ami flips the pencil. She doesn’t drum it, she flips it. More, she flips it perfectly, without flair, so as to never drop it. Even as this little gesture is almost flamboyant, relatively speaking, which might say “Look at me!”, even subconsciously Ami does it in a way guaranteed to attract her no attention at all.

This was something I was really glad to see because I’ve always had the feeling Ami might have been autistic and seeing this basically cemented it as part of my understanding of her.

These kinds of mostly unconscious fiddling movements are really, really common among autistic people as a form of stimming. Stimming (self-stimulation) is basically a protective response to over-stimulation and a way of relieving tension and anxiety, and both those things are things Ami’s had problems with in other incarnations of the canon.

So Ami - who’s already been shown to have difficulty with social situations, to be talented in maths and science, to have very defined and focused and passionate interests (before becoming friends with the other girls), and to have problems being the centre of attention, all of which are really, really common in autistic people - now has yet another behaviour that’s basically one of the trademark behaviours of autism.

Spinning objects is actually one of the examples that wikipedia gives of stimming (among hand flapping, rocking, snapping fingers, repeating words etc).

I don’t think it’s what the creators had in mind, here, but as an autistic person hell yes I will take Ami as one of us. I think it would take far more explaining to say that Ami is neurotypical, taking into account all these signs, than to say that she’s autistic.

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