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Everyone involved in the Battle of the Grounded Dungeon:

First off, this HTTYD fandom is amazing. I don’t think any other fandom has imprisoned each other and staged a rebellion. You. guys. are. incredible.

To help everyone involved in this chaos, I have posted this summary as well as this…

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I cannot even put into words how many emotions this story makes me feel. It’s so sad and sweet and cute and just plain heartbreaking. It shows us how much of a monster Gothel really was, but it also shows just how strong Eugene and Rapunzel’s bond is. This is how you OTP.

Im so glad no one was home when I read this because I was just sobbing and giggling like an idiot.


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If you do not know what the HTTYD Grounded Dungeon is, read here.

For information regarding the rising action of the Grounded Dungeon, read here.

To learn more, block this crazy adventure, or join us, see the tag #Battle of the Grounded Dungeon.

Summary of the Battle of the Grounded Dungeon

Not so long ago, kingofthewilderwest and treepelta113 had a face-off which did not result in war, but serious threats.  And now, less than twenty-four hours later, a large number of Grounded Dungeon members and even some supporters from the outside rebelled.  They said they would no longer live under the Warden treepelta113’s tyranny, but would stand and fight alongside kingofthewilderwest.

Hiccup-the-seasick-viking produced the key that unlocks all doors and freed the prisoners, then proceeded to unlock the enormous dragon Furious. Furious is now alongside the Grounded Dungeon prisoners, fighting for them.

From outside the prison akkeyroomi brought the alpha dragon and supplied all the Grounded Dungeon members with weapons.

While the Warden is away, a number of dissenters are regrouping to battle her - including an alpha dragon, the other alpha ectosleuth, and the dragon Furious.  Others, including thebrookeofdragons and cowgirl326, have slipped out in the chaos and are free.


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Herbs herbs herbs! For all your reference, spell making and craft needs.

I have all of these! lol

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This isn’t right. You’re supposed to be with me!

The actual definition of what some guys think when the girl says “no”.

"OMG I did this and that for YOU, you must date me!"

Hell no. If I don’t like you, I won’t date you.

This movie is fucking golden.


Megamind has the ultimate example of a “nice guy”, Hal, who liked Roxanne - and he was clear about it. He “complimented” several things to her in the beginning, which guess what - were not flattering at all, but downright creepy, so really, it was no wonder Roxanne didn’t like him.

But after he gets his superpowers, he expects her to - he expects to be rewarded for being the “good guy”, despite the fact that he hasn’t really done anything for her. When she rejects him and later finds out that she had dated Megamind for a time, he’s furious that she would date the “bad guy” when he is the “good guy”.

Yet despite Megamind being “bad” and Hal being “good”, it’s Megamind who respects what she wants - when she told him to back off, he backed off, and then later apologized, while Hal was legit going to kill her for rejecting him. So really, who is the good guy?

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my mom says that if this post gets 600,000 notes, she’ll let me take command of the whole ship for a day


Wesley, I never said that.

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I’ve never been more emotional about any social media post in my entire life

UPDATE: guys Beth Broderick tweeted yesterday that this Salem is THE SAME SALEM!!! He’s 20 years old man!!!! 20!

That Salem is still kicking is all I care about.

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch. This was my favorite show growing up, Salem was hilarious. What an evil, sad kitty.

I loved this show growing up.  I even collected the novel series as a teen. XD

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M.I.A. shitting on ignorant opinions

This isn’t a Nazi Swastika what so ever, as a JEW I can recognize this unlike some people.

Gonna quote straight from wikipedia here.

It is a symbol among the ancient Celts, Indians, and Greeks,[2]as well as in later Buddhism,[4]Jainism,[5]Hinduism,[6][4]and Nazism,[3][4]among other cultures and religions.[4][2]

The word swastika derives from the Sanskrit root ssu(“Good”),asti(“to be”),[4][6]andka(making)[6]The older term gammadion cross derives from its appearance, which is identical to four Greek gamma letters affixed to each other.

What I find interesting is that this is actually a very very good representation of what can happen when white people culturally appropriate something.

The Swastika, long before the Nazis came about and started brandishing their own bastardization of it, had a strong religious and cultural significance to a LOT of people.

It didn’t represent anything evil, it didn’t represent a dictatorship that perpetuated one of the most well known genocides taught today.

It only started having this horrible association in the 1920’s when the Nazi party appropriated it as for their logo.

White people, white supremacists, taking something with an already well established past and meaning; and placing their own over it.

Because of these people, swastikas that do not have anything to do with the Nazi party are demonized in most people’s eyes because they don’t know any better, because white people wiped out it’s original meaning in white culture.

People seriously need to learn some history.
THIS is the sort of damage that cultural appropriation can do in the long run.

Took less than 100 years to erase the original cultural significance and replace it with the appropriated version.

Yeah, except….

I know the history as a luck symbol.  I know it held a lot of religious significance for hundreds of years.

I also know that this symbol sends people I know into panic attacks.  This symbol has people I know rubbing at their arms, tracing numbers that were etched into them ages ago.  This symbol fills me with a powerless rage because this symbol was hurled in my face when I was beaten.

It has religious significance, but to assert that ‘People seriously need to learn some history’? Kindly go fuck yourself.  The assertion that people who were terrorized by people wearing swastikas shouldn’t view swastikas as anything less than a symbol of pure and utter evil strikes me as dangerously naive.  It erases and invalidates people’s experiences with the symbol.

M.I.A. has every right to wear that symbol, but neither she nor it exists in a vacuum.  We live in far too complicated a world to insist that her interpretation is the only valid one.

I suppose I should have clarified. Let me do so now.

The primary purpose of this post as I understood it was showing an example of the depth, speed, and breadth of damage cultural appropriation is capable of. It is a damn shame that cultural appropriation has erased the original meaning of this symbol.

Despite popular misconception, the Nazi Swastika is not a reversed version, it has appeared throughout history in many orientations before the Nazis took it. Please don’t say ”luck symbol”, it was not a “luck symbol” in all of the cultures it was a part of prior to the appropriation and further erases the original meaning [x].

People who have had a symbol of their culture and history stolen and twisted have a right to be angry about that. They may even have a right to attempt to reclaim it.

However, given what it was used for and because in the length of a single lifetime it has come to be synonymous with the terrible actions of the Nazis and the Holocaust, it is not easy to nor simple to display that symbol anymore regardless of intent.

Because of both these things, the swastika is controversial.

It is not as simple as a “fuck you” from either side of the stance, and what happened from all sides is a tragedy of varying proportions. Most cultures where it once held great meaning no longer use or display it because of what the Nazis did, and out of respect and sympathy for the victims of that. It is worth noting not every understanding and interpretation of things is rooted in Western culture. That young people of these cultures are attempting to reclaim their symbol is interesting, but certainly a controversial move. Certainly not a movement, I would be willing to undertake.

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